Why Giota? This is my Personal Story

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A.Because in my 11 years of clinical experience in the National Health System through my daily contact with a large number of patients and attendants I have identified the common need for all to have meaningful, interpersonal, emotional and genuine contact with “Human”, core elements of the services that I offer. I also realized the need to manage and get rid of acute or chronic health conditions.
At the same time through my work with nature activities and alternative forms of healing I have discovered the urgent source need for all people to conquer their mental balance and to promote body-mind-spirit harmony. At the same time, I saw the desire to overcome their personal inhibitions and fulfill their personal goals.
So, for the FIRST time in the Greek Reality HERE WE UNIQUELY COMBINE THE FIELDS OF CLASSICAL AND ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE, clinical practice, modern neuroscience data, quantum physics,spiritual and meditative techniques in order for “MAN” to abandon dysfunctional conditions of health and everyday life in order to conquer its highest potential.
B.Because, for the FIRST time, for our little friends, empathy and intuition cultivation lessons are integrated as I believe that by developing healthy children we develop healthy societies. Here I am further combining my knowledge and experience in teaching children as well as my knowledge through DNA3 training, the highest-quality ThetaHealing training for now.
C.Because, It is necessary to note my personal journey of self-improvement in which I have seen chronic health conditions deteriorate and personal goals fulfilled. My basic belief has always been that “MAN” can overcome his seemingly insurmountable inhibitions and become the best version of himself on a daily basis.
D.Because through my day-to-day work with a multitude of health professionals and non-health professionals, I have focused on the GAP between co-working abilities and skills, mutual help, teamwork, administration and problem-solving skills, creativity, time management, ability to perceive and undertake initiatives as well as the need of people-employees to be heard, respected and appreciated.
So together with my partners, FOR THE FIRST TIME we uniquely combine knowledge from the classic fields of psychotherapy, coaching, team building, ThetaHealing, empathy, confidence exercises and nature group activities into a transformational teamwork program for employees . The time a person spends at work is over 50% of his time. This is why there should be hours of work where people-employees develop links of cooperation and desire to work. Modern HR studies now document the need for wellness and team building programs.
Become you too the best version of yourselves and Conquer Your Highest Potential.
Here We Focus on the “HUMAN”!
Here we are developing a “healing” trust relationship!
Give the Opportunity in Yourseives to Become Better Than You Are Today!
Panagiota Barka

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