Quantum Physics and ThetaHealing®

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“Anyone who is not surprised by quantum-mechanics theory has not understood it”

Neils Bohr (1885-1962)

Quantum Physics is an established theory of physics. Some say it starts where Newton’s physics ends. It describes how the material behaves mainly at a subatomic level. Quantum physics explains phenomena such as the wave and the particulate nature of light. Famous is the experiment of the two slits or experiment of Yang by the homonymous physicist who made it. According to this experiment the observation effort of a particle by the researcher altered its behavior.

This above feature is the one being used by the ThetaHealing® technique, i.e. the observer and the observed effect in order for a person to be “treated”.

You can follow the experiment in the link below.


Panagiota (Giota) Barka,
Certified Theta Healer®

 (The Theta Healing® technique does not replace the diagnostic or therapeutic methods of the classical conventional medicine. It works well and cooperatively with it. The Theta Healing® technique is based on the individual’s free will to choose the methods or techniques that he/she believes will improve his or her health and wellbeing)


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