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Personal Pilates® Sessions

Personal Pilates® sessions are implemented by me either physically or remotely. In the remote case, I give you two choices. The first is through skype in real time. The second one involves the designing of a Pilates® personal program from me and implementation by you without real-time surveillance but with pre-planned meetings as a feedback to your progress. The last option is an option which I personally suggest to those who already have very good body awareness. The ultimate benefits of this choice combine the benefits of an individually designed Personal Pilates program and affordable cost.

Put Personal Pilates in your life and I personally guarantee you a better body ,a stronger muscular body, a good body shape, an aligned body and, of course, even more important results … .. you will be more functional in your everyday housework without suffering or getting tired, you will be more focused on your intellectual work and your daily routine, you will develop cognitive skills due to concentration, you will breathe better and reduce simple respiratory infections due to proper breathing-oxygenation of the body, you will discharge and relieve the lumbar spine, the shoulders and the neck.

Do you want more? Because I may tell you that Pilates is doing sculpting in the body, it increases flexibility to levels you have not imagined, it coordinates body and mind and hence it is sharpening mental concentration and for me the most daring: you can feel and control every muscle of your body. Why? Because you do feel so alive, so healthy, and so grateful for every breath you take.

Let’s explore your own goals together! Because our body is the biggest dower we do have!

Personal Pilates® is a lifetime investment. It is about a training that you provide to your body and you carry it, to ease you for a lifetime.

Pilates is Functional Training. Honor your body!

I am at your disposal to discuss together the best Personal Pilates program for you as well as any other information at:


Phone number and Hours of Contact:

(+30) 6942434125 (10.00a.m.-14.00pm and 18.00p.m.-20.00p.m.)

Panagiota (Giota) Barka
Pilates Trainer

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