How does the ThetaHealing® technique work?

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How does the ThetaHealing® technique work?

The Theta Healing® technique is based on the scientifically documented principles of quantum physics and it is not a type of denomination, kind of movement or philosophical view.

The Theta Healing® technique works perfectly with the classical conventional medicine as the last one together with quantum physics document its effectiveness.

According to science it is known that the subconscious mind carries 90% -95% of our thoughts and beliefs that we are not aware of, while the conscious mind, covering about the remaining 5%, carries these thoughts and beliefs about which we are aware of and we know consciously.

As it can be easily understood, the subconscious mind is a key manager of the way we behave and react to external stimuli on a daily basis. For example, it is responsible for creating a fight with a loved one, or the way we are going to behave in a fight on the road, or the way we are going to react when our child gets a grade which is proper or not for us, or whether we will be annoyed while our turn comes to the cashier.

This server carries a part of the software of all those we are. Many of the dysfunctional thoughts that we make without us being aware of, come and are “implanted” within us by the family and the way we have grown up. They may also come from or be “implanted” by the working or social environment.

This software also includes all of a person’s beliefs. That is, his “beliefs”, the truths that the individual has installed within him/her and through which he/she acts and reacts.

It is worth mentioning that we refer to thoughts and beliefs, whether functional or not, restrictive or not, for the individual and not good or bad. This is because, according to science, these beliefs serve the life of the individual in a specific way.

With Theta Healing® technique we discover this “belief-software” and we shape it in such a way that it is functional and non-limiting for the individual. In this way, at the end the person is able to realize the things and the situations that are functional for him as well as the well-being desired by him.


Panagiota (Giota) Barka,
Certified Theta Healer®


(The Theta Healing® technique does not replace the diagnostic or therapeutic methods of conventional medicine, it cooperates well with it and it is based on the free will of a person to choose any method he/she thinks will improve his / her health and wellbeing)

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