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  • Improve Health Conditions, e.g. respiratory diseases
  • Increase your Confidence
  • Enhance Trust in yourself and in others
  • Live in harmony free from unnecessary stress or anger
  • Get rid of old mental traumas
  • Exceed the threshold of your mental and physical performance
  • Achieve goals in your life free of personal bonds
  • Cultivate Your Kinesthetic Ability and Right Body Posture
  • Individual ThetaHealing sessions for adults and children
  • Group Empathy Cultivation Programs for Adults and Children
  • Corporate Wellness and Team Building Programs
  • Specialized Individual Health Promotion Programs
  • Performance sessions
Individual Sessions
Intuitive Class
Cultivating Empathy
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Giota helped me overcome my procrastination, my fears and my stagnation. After the first session I smile at every change, Ι do not postpone, I do not feel afraid.

Choreographer, Classical Ballet Teacher
Giota has excellent kinesthetic ability, excellent knowledge of the kinesiology of the human body, virtuosity and harmony in the coordination of mind, body and spirit and artistic expression. At the same time she is a professional.
Giota is a professional life artist. She builds your life as you like. I improved my life by changing my beliefs. She helped me delve into them and shake them down. Giota Thank you!

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